420 Friendly Hotel Bookings

Now it is time to take that vacation you have been waiting years for, that one where you get to go out and enjoy a wonderful strains of cannabis see a grow, and take a tour. But the first thing you'll need to do is find a cannabis friendly lodging for you to lay your head, smoke your weed, and have a safe place to enjoy your time.

There are many sites on the web that will show you this information, but some of them have a faulty information and misleading information so beware. In our studies we had found over 60% of the websites with miss leading information showing you hotels, bed and breakfasts, casinos, and vacation homes that say they are 420 friendly but are not.

The one site we found that has the best cannabis friendly information for you and hasn't feted 420 friendly hotels and lodging is for 20 friendly booking.com

 420friendlybooking.com has lodging across the world that has been vetted to be cannabis friendly somewhere on property.  Some accommodations have an outside place for you to smoke, smoking rooms, or other common areas for you to indulge in your favorite strain.

The best thing you can do when planning your cannabis vacation is to find a worthwhile cannabis friendly hotel so you can kick back and enjoy without worries.

420 friendly bookings

A cannabis friendly hotel is a very hard thing to find, but on 420 friendly booking.com they have called almost every hotel conceivable to find out which ones will let you smoke and which ones won't.

They have vetted 420 friendly accommodations in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Amsterdam and many many more locations.

If you cannot find 420 friendly accommodations on their website something is definitely wrong with you.  We found that many accommodations that a perfect for the cannabis tourist. 

With more and more states and countries becoming cannabis friendly this site is bounded to grow by leaps and bounds. 

You can find cannabis friendly hostels, hotels, vacation homes, rooms and even campgrounds on this awesome site.  They have all the information needed for you to make an educated decision before booking to go on your cannabis vacation.

So be sure to visit for 20 friendly booking.com as you can book your rooms are right there through the site on other trusted provider.

Have a very fun and safe trip while on your marijuana vacation.