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For adults in Colorado, there is a variety of great events you can enjoy during the annual marijuana festival in Colorado. Some of the top Colorado festivals are the annual HempFest in Denver, HempCon in Denver, the Colorado 420 Fest, and many more. There is a growing number of cannabis festivals and events throughout Colorado.

For marijuana lovers, there is a lot to celebrate in Colorado. If you are looking for an annual event that will bring out the best in you and other adult cannabis consumers, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a great place to celebrate, have a fun night, or have a great time on a weekend away, here are some of the Colorado festivals that you should attend in 2018.

We have compiled a list of ...

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So CBD has been around for a long time now and a lot of medical professionals have used it for various aliments in the human body. CBD extracts can be used for a lot of thins like sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, pain, inflammation and more.

It is easy to find CBD extracts in the market today, both from local businesses and online shops. It is recommended that you look for a seller who has the knowledge and will take the time to answer your questions.

CBD tinctures are made by extracting hemp oil and mixing it with other oils such as coconut oil or orange oil that improve the taste and facilitate the biological processing in our endocannabinoid system.

It comes in a small bottle in a range of flavors and potency. The small bottles are...

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So your about to start planning your next marijuana vacation and your wanting to find a good place for you to stay that you can smoke some weed at. Well you have a few options for you that can be found in Colorado.

Finding a Bud and Breakfast Colorado can be a daunting task but we are here to help you find, research and book the right one for your vacation.

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So the first one we will be talking about is the most famous one, The Adagio Bud and Breakfast located in Denver Colorado. This is the one a lot of you may have seen on the TV and all over the media. they are know for their 420 happy hour and the 420 friendly hosplialty of their hosts.

The rooms here are decent size and have a somewhat eclectic vibe about them. You get breakfast every mo...

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