Finding a Good Vaporizer Pen for Traveling

So your getting ready to go on your 420 friendly vacation and you need to find a vaporizer pen that will be easy to pack, have a long battery life and last for years. Well we have some great information here to help you on your shopping journey. So read on and hopefully you will learn a thing or two about vape pens.

So when your looking for a vape pen you need to ask yourself what do you want to consume out of it? Do you want to vape THC oil, CBD oil, flower, concentrates or shatter? These are important questions as to what type of vapor pen you shop for and buy online. Not all pens are the same as some only do oil, others only do flower and others only are good for concentrates and some do a combination of things.

vaporizer for travel 

Now another thing your going to want to decide is what type of battery do you want on your pen? There are a few types of batteries for your vape pen from eGo, to 510 threaded batteries have a few choices of the thread size and wattage to choose from. If you want a 510 threaded battery then here are a few great places to start.

If your wanting a different type of vape battery then your best option is to go here and see what Blaze4Days has to offer.

Now you will need to know what type of reservoir you will need. Do you want to use pre-filled tanks? You want to load your own? There are quite a few options as to these two questions. The fill your own tanks are nice as you can have a lot of oil placed in them as to a pre-filled tank will only have a small amount of oil, somewhere in the territory of 500mg . But a pre-filled is just that, all ready filled up with oil either CBD or THC, no trying to load cannabis oil and getting everything sticky. Although I love to eat hash so that's no problem for me.

Do you want to vape flower? Well then you will need a totally different type of pen. These pens have a heating chamber to heat the ground flower to a temperature just before combustion and make the water vapor and chemicals come out in the vapor. These are the more expensive type of pens and are the most healthy ones to use as there is no additives to it like you have in the oils. The types of flower pens are PAX, Magic Flight and others.

Concentrate pens are another type of pen that are again very different from the others. These pens are made to heat very think oil and concentrates that a normal pen can't do. These will have a large reservoir and have a mod type of battery to heat the elements inside to vaporize the product. They are also a bit more expensive to buy because of the batteries and computer chips they use to regulate the heat to vape properly. A "MOD" is a battery pack that has a screen display on it to show you the heat range, battery life and other vital information when using it. These pens are The Honey Stik', The Mighty, and others of that type.

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Then there are vaporizers that do a combination of things. The most widely used ones are ones that can vape concentrates and flower. These are a nice vape to have for that reason. You can buy your own concentrates to load and when your on a budget or just want a healthier alternative then vaping flower can also be done. Now they are a bit tiresome to clean, but like I said earlier, "I love eating cannabis and hash"

These can also be a bit pricey but are worth the money due to the versatility of them.  Most all of these pens we have talked about are very portable, and come with the basic accessories to use them. Like a charging cable, battery pack, reservoir, mouth pieces, heating coils and cleaning tools. 

When your looking to decide you also need to check the milliamps they have. This will tell you how long a battery will last on average. So a 900 mAh  battery will last about  600 puffs and a 650mAh will last about 400 puffs. So be sure to try and get the largest mAh battery you can find for the type of pen you want.

You don't want to have to change your pen right in the middle of a session as that won't be a fun thing to do. Waiting an hour to continue your puffing is a bummer.

So we hope this short article will help you on your shopping quest for a vape pen to take with you on your cannabis friendly travels across the states.