Quick introductory on Cannabis Smoking Tools

guide to smoking tools

If your a beginner to cannabis this is a short and sweet article to give you the skinny on smoking accessories.

Quick Helpful Guide to Cannabis Smoking Accessories

So your looking to start consuming cannabis for whatever reason, medical, recreational, or just to chill out every night, then you might not know what tools there are to help you consume cannabis. The four main cannabis consuming devices are hand pipes, bongs/water pipes, dab rigs and vaporizers. All of these devices let you consume marijuana in a few different ways.

So read on as we have a quick but highly informative article below on what tools are out there to consume cannabis. We recommend using a new site we found, it is up to you if you want to purchase from them. They do have a great reputation for customer service. DopeBoo.com

Hand Pipes

The hand pipe has been the main way to smoke herbs for centuries. This has become the pipe of choice because of the age old tested design of the pipe. Easy to make, as you can use glass, wood, bone, metal and other objects to make a hand pipe. Hand pipes have also become a lot more artsy, The beauty and design of the pipe is just as important to how well it hits.

They are also very easy to carry, so being very portable has made this type of pipe number one. Hand pipes are easy to use for just about anyone, put your herbs in the top chamber or bowl, light the herbs with flame and inhale the smoke from the mouth pipe. This basic design is another reason the hand pipe has been the go to for eons.

The draw back of hand pipes are they are harsh to inhale from, they can leave ash in your mouth and can be lost easily. If your wanting a cheap way to start consuming weed, the hand pipe is a good way to start. If you are looking to buy a hand pipe use the link below.


Water Pipes and Bongs

Another great way to consume cannabis is with a water pipe or a bong. A water pipe or slang term is bong, is used for burning and inhaling cannabis and other herbs. What makes a bong different is a bong is filled with water which cools the smoke as it passes through the chambers when you inhale.

This also cleans and filters the smoke from any ashes and debris that may float in. For this reason a bong is slightly better for you then a hand pipe. Bongs come in many sizes and shapes but most are not very portable.

Bongs have been around for centuries and have had a use in religions cultures dating way back to 100 BC. Bongs can also give you larger and smoother hits making them a tool that is more potent delivery then a hand pipe. So if your looking to buy a bong or your first water pipe be sure to follow the link below.



The latest in cannabis consumption is the vaporizer. These can be made in two forms, handheld units and table top units. The vaporizer works by heating the herb or oil right up to the combustion point of the herb and releases the vapor and chemicals like THC, CBD, THCA in the vapor, into you lungs when you inhale. Some vaporizers only work with dry herbs some only work with oil and others do both.

The most common of the desktop vaporizer is the Volcano. This has been in service since the 1980s and has a long history of helping medical marijuana patients to help stop their pain with cannabis vaporization. The other vaporizer you have seen everywhere is the handhelds. These vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes from pen line ones to big boxes. All have some sort of battery, heating unit, and reservoir for the product. Some are only for oil others are only for flower or dry herbs and a few do both.

Vaporizers are said to be the best alternative to smoking as your not getting any smoke just the vapor with the good stuff in it. If you would like to see the variety of vaporizers please follow the link below for more information.


We hope this short article will help you to see as to what consumption tools are out there, how they work, and if you may want to use one of them for when you start consuming cannabis for your needs.